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Church Goods in Derbyshire 1552–1553, Vol 48

Edited by Richard Clark

This book is concerned with the national seizure of church goods in 1553, one of the major expropriations of ecclesiastical assets during the English Reformation. It contains the surviving documents relating to their confiscation in Derbyshire. It includes the inventories of church goods made in 1552 in preparation for their seizure, the indentures made in May 1553 about the retention by parishes of vessels for the administration of Holy Communion and of their bells, and the returns made from Derbyshire and handed over to government officials in Westminster. The final item in the volume is a letter from the borough of Derby to the Privy Council in 1553 about its failure to report to it about its survey of church goods there in 1552.

ISBN 978 0 946324 50 7

164 pages

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